Fishing Report: Norton Reservoir, June 9, 2019

Date: June 9, 2019

Time: 6 am – 11 am

LocationFishing Spot: Norton Reservoir, Norton, Massachusetts

Weather: Sunny, no wind at all in the morning, only a light breeze before noon

Air Temperature: 55 at 6 am, 75 at 11 am

Water Temperature: 70-72


My first trip out onto Norton Reservoir in 2019.

My buddy called me up and he had an open Sunday morning and luckily so did I. The weather was actually awesome for fishing… Cool to start but rapidly warming up and little to no wind… perfect conditions to actually enjoy the fishing and not fight the conditions. You have to enjoy these moments !

Looking at that shot of my graph you can tell by all those trails that I’ve fished this place a few times 😛 You can also tell that this place is a shallow water fishery for sure and those trails are clumped together to avoid running aground.

It felt so nice to actually be out fishing on a day when the weather cooperated. My fishing buddy is convinced that a black weather cloud follows me around whenever we get out on the water together… thankfully, I managed to ditch that cloud this day.

All in all it was a really enjoyable day. We hooked some decent largemouth bass along with some pesky pickerel. The largemouth bass weren’t huge but whether they were one pound or three they fought like five pounders. I even had a two pounder leap out of the water like a smallmouth. It was crazy to watch.

Crazy largemouth acting like a leaping smallmouth

As the saying goes…. you never know what you’ll run into out on the water… as you can see in the photo above the water was like glass. My friend and I were fishing a point when we noticed a disturbance on the surface of the water a few hundred yards away. The disturbance peaked our curiosity and after about five minutes of watching and speculating “what the heck is that ? A turtle ? A bird ? An animal ?” we put out our rods away and trolled over to it… as we approached it we couldn’t believe what we were seeing… it was a massive largemouth bass that was breaking the surface of the water and looking like it was trying to take its last breath. I got our net and simply scooped up this big bass.

This Monster has seen many moons and many better days…

This monster was all beat up from the spawn… just look at the tail… all red with pieces missing. Overall, it looked wiped out. We took a quick picture and weighed it – 6 pounds in this state – dang ! On a normal day it’d have 7-8 for sure ! … and then placed it back into the water to allow it to continue on its journey to wherever it was going. Crazy times…

The winning baits of the day were:

Spinner bait

Swim bait

Senko (of course !)