Fishing Spot: Whitehall Reservoir, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Name of Water Body: Whitehall Reservoir

Location: Hopkinton, MA

Pond Map

Boat RampGoogle Maps Link


General Info:

I’ve fished Whitehall Reservoir many times… it offers shallow water and some deeper water… it offers open water, lilly pads, subsurface weeds, underwater trees, craggy islands and rocky drops.

It can a lot of fun when the fish are active and you find them… it can frustrating too due to the “there’s cover everywhere” type of place this is.

My best day here ever was the 4th of July, 2017… it was a bright, sunny day and the place was loaded with boaters. I caught 20+ fish that day with the largest being over 5 pounds…  I still don’t understand how it all came together this day as everything pointed to a lousy day on the water… bright sun, boats, swimmers and tons of other fisherman… heck, I was even catching fish within conversational distance from other folks fishing. Not complaining just wish it would come together like that day again!

Links to fishing trips here…

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