Fishing Log For 2018

2018 marks the second season of owning my Nitro Z18. 2017 was a lot of fun with a lot of learning both in terms of operating my new boat and transitioning from primarily kayak and ‘back of the boat’ fishing to captaining and fishing out of the front of own boat.

I’ve actually gotten a late start on this page as I had intended to create it in the Spring of 2018 and update it as I fished throughout the year. As you might imagine, working full-time, having a family and other typical life events have delayed my efforts to get this page off of the ground. Anyway…

General comments of my 2018 fishing season… MEH ! It’s been one of those years so far… the fishing has been slow… real slow… in comparison to any of the prior years in recent memory. I haven’t been out fishing as much I have wanted to for many of the same reasons this page has been delayed 🙂 Most outings I am struggling to land more than 2-3 fish over the course of many hours on the ponds. My largest fish this season is just 3.5 pounds. I’m also convinced that the wind gods have teamed up to conspire against me as every time I’ve been out on the water this season the wind has been whipping. The windy conditions have made it tough on me. This summer has also been very hot here in the Northeast. The last time I was out on my local pond the water temperature was 84 degrees…

However, like Lone Waite in The Outlaw Josey Wales… I will ‘endeavor to persevere’ !


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