Fishing Report: Wequaquet Lake, June 14, 2019

Date: June 14, 2019

Time: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

LocationFishing Spot: Wequaquet Lake, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Weather: Sunny and calm to start… but the wind came up early and was blowing pretty hard for most of the day

Air Temperature: Low 60’s to about 70 by the end of the day

Water Temperature: High 60’s…. 67-69


This was the third tournament of the year for the South Shore Bassmasters.

Fun times !

Unlike last year’s club tournament here where the fish were primarily up on beds spawning (see report here) or thinking about it, this year most of the fish were in that ‘post spawn funk’…

Conditions at the beginning of the tournament were actually quite calm. We had experienced a good deal of rain in the days prior as well as some heavy rain the day before. The morning was overcast and quite ‘sticky’… it felt like it could rain at any moment but aside from a very short period of light drizzle, no rain materialized. In fact, about 2 hours into the tournament the clouds went away, the wind started blowing and the sun came out.

I had a non-boater with me today which was an adjustment for sure but fun nonetheless. Five minutes in my non-boater landed a small bass on a top-water bait. That was the only fish either of us would land for the first hour or so.

We’d been fishing up shallow but aside from that single small bass we hadn’t hooked anything. I started casting a lipless crankbait into deeper water and along ridges. I had a couple of hits and then a hook up. However, the smallmouth bass I’d hooked managed to free himself after a few highlight reel jumps… Damn! …

Our luck started to change as we managed to land about six more bass from a pocket up at the far end of the pond. I had four largemouth. Although they were keepers, they were barely keepers. This would turn out to be my theme for the rest of the day. My non-boater had 2 fish that were just about 2 pounds each.

I moved around a lot over the remainder of the day. Shallow, deep, rocky, mid-lake flats, humps, you name it. I did manage to catch a lot of fish. I didn’t count them all but it had to be close to twenty. The only problem was that all of the fish I was catching were small… keepers but barely. In fact, this was not only my theme for the day but it was the theme for most everyone else as well. Lots of fish landed but no monsters.

On the positive front, this was the first time I managed to catch a limit, and easily this time, in one of my club tournaments. Things could be looking up !

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