Fishing Spot: Wequaquet Lake, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Name of Water Body: Wequaquet Lake

Location: Barnstable, MA

Pond Map

Boat RampGoogle Maps Link


General Info:

From the Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife page linked above…

Wequauquet Lake, also known as Chequaquet Lake, Great Pond or Nine Mile Pond, is a large, 670- acre, unstratified warm water pond. The pond is an enlarged great pond with a dam at Phinneys Lane. The pond has multiple basins and an average depth of 14 feet and a maximum depth of 33 feet. Transparency is good, extending to 10 feet or more. The bottom is composed primarily of sand. Due to the open windswept nature of the pond, there is little cover and aquatic vegetation is scant. The 7.5 miles of shoreline is heavily developed with summer cottages and year-round homes.


Links to fishing trips here…

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