Fishing Spot: Silver Lake, Barnard, VT

Name of Water Body: Silver Lake

Location: Barnard, VT

Pond Map



General Info:

From the Vermont State Park Information link above…


This busy park is popular for its sandy swimming area, picnic grounds, and camping area. Its proximity to Woodstock and other central Vermont tourist destinations makes it ideal for family vacations. The park encompasses the northern shoreline of 84-acre Silver Lake which supports excellent fishing of northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass and other warm-water species. The lake is popular for paddling and quieter recreation, with only occasional motorboats passing by. During the winter months, when the park is closed, the lake is a popular spot for ice skating and ice fishing.


Silver Lake State Park was established in 1955 when two pieces of land were donated to the State by Mr. and Mrs. John McDill of Woodstock, Miss Margaret Crosby of Barnard, and Mr. Richard H. Field of Boston. Development of recreational facilities began soon after.

Silver Lake was originally called Stebblings’ Pond after Benjamin Stebblings who owned land at the outlet where the Barnard General Store now stands. When Benjamin Stebblings moved out of the area, the lake became known as Barnard Pond. In 1869, Barnard Pond was renamed Silver Lake.

Barnard, chartered July 17, 1761 from the New Hampshire Grants, quickly became an agricultural town. Early homestead farms were replaced by sheep farms in the mid 19th century, and later dairy operations, a few of which remain today. The 35-acre state park was once part of several farms; a farm homestead was located near the current park entrance; the remains of a barn foundation are still visible in the campground. Today the town is known for the state park, and picturesque New England charm of the village center.


Personal Thoughts/Info:

I’ve been camping here are Silver Lake State Park in Vermont every year for more than twenty years. It’s a truly wonderful place.

It’s a small body of water for sure but it does hold some very nice fish – if you can find them of course 🙂

In recent years, I’ve been having good luck catching Northern Pike. I actually hadn’t caught a Largemouth Bass in here for several years prior to this year (2018) when I hooked a nice 3 1/2 pounder on a crankbait.

Links to fishing trips here…

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