Fishing Report: Silver Lake, Barnard, Vermont, June 21, 2018

Date: June 12, 2018

Time: Afternoon

LocationFishing Spot: Silver Lake, Barnard, VT

Weather: Sunny, Clear, light winds

Air Temperature: 80’s

Water Temperature: 78 degrees


This year’s annual camping trip to Silver Lake allowed for one afternoon out on the water in my Kayak. The weather was great and if I was concerned about anything it was too great !  Bright sun on a hot day usually results in a slow day on the water…

I also like fishing here since this place is deeper and much different that any of the places I fish locally. It forces me to try different baits and approaches to fishing. Another reason is that the fish that you typically catch are quality fish. This isn’t a place that’s loaded with 1-2 pound fish but it does hold some big fish.

I’ve had trips here where I’ve been able to catch a dozen pike on Friday and then catch nothing but water the next day. It’s just one of those places.

This day, Silver Lake was nice to me 🙂

I was able to catch six Northern Pike. All over 3 pounds. Two were over 4 pounds and one was nearly 6 pounds. Nice !!!

As you can see in the above photo, I was using a crank bait today. Quite a change from my usual shallow water Senko fishing in my local ponds.

Another thing about today is that I was hooking these fish ‘just anywhere’ on the pond. Deep, shallow, ledge, flat and even amongst the chaos of swimmers and kids horsing around on rented paddle boats ! The photo below on the right shows this…

I used to also catch a fair amount of Largemouth Bass here as well. But, in recent years, all I’ve managed to catch have been Northern Pike. I’m not sure of the Largemouth are declining or are just tougher to catch in late June which is when I always fish here. On this day, too, the lake gave up a nice 3 1/2 pound Largemouth too 🙂


It was also a great day for sunburn on the legs…

Lastly, here’s a very unprofessional video of me landing one of the 4+ pound Norther Pikes…


Silver Lake State Park offers an excellent camping experience. We like to stay in the leanto’s … they are great !


And, like the weather all over New England… just wait a minute and it changes…


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