Fishing Report: Lake George, June 17, 2019

Date: June 17, 2019

Time: 09:30 AM – 1:30 PM

LocationFishing Spot: Lake George, NY

Weather: A simply beautiful day… rain moved out… wind was none to very light and the sun was out

Air Temperature: Mid 60’s in the morning to mid 70’s later in the day

Water Temperature: 56 in the morning up north. 63 in the afternoon down south


This Monday morning was picture perfect… a simply glorious day. Bright sun, little to no wind, almost zero boat traffic out on the lake… as good as it gets.

A nice, morning cruise in the Nitro Z18

We again started out up in the northern islands sections where we were fishing the day before. But, as nice as the day was starting out to be… the fishing was basically unchanged. A fish here, a fish there… no complaints for sure but damn… this place is loaded with quality bass but where were they all !?!?!?

Well, here’s a few pictures of some of the smallmouth bass we caught this morning.

We fished until about 2 PM and then headed back to the cottages for some food and some refreshments.

After our afternoon lunch and refueling stop, we went back out onto the lake to see if the action would be any different later in the day. This time, we decided to head on down south of the cottages to the waters around the Norowal Marina. In year’s past, we’ve had some success in this area fishing for Northern Pike.

The area is a large “no wake zone” with some shallow water, a channel, lots of docks, some weeds and access to deeper water.

My friend and I started out casting spinner baits. He was using a perch-colored spinner bait and he caught several nice Largemouth bass shortly after we began fishing the area. I was throwing a white spinner bait that normally produces very well. After he’d caught his third fish to my none I was beginning to question my choice of color. Then… BAM… something hit my spinner bait just as I’d begun to retrieve it. After a few cranks of the reel handle the fish realized it had been hooked… it was then that my line tightened up quickly and my rod bent over quite a lot. I knew I’d hooked something big because the fish was staying down under the water and taking drag whenever it caught site of the boat. My friend was on the front of the boat and casually asked me “You the normal net or the BIG NET ?”… just then I managed to get a look at what was at the end of my line… a huge Northern Pike… It took off running again and I simply stated “We’re gonna need the bigger net” … I fought the fish for a few minutes longer while my friend dug the big net out from wherever he’d stored it. This is what we netted…

Awesome 8 pound Northern Pike

I’d hooked an awesome eight pound Norther Pike !!! What a fish ! My personal best by far ! What a way to end such a beautiful day ;^)

Today’s fish catching baits were: Bluegill crank baits, Senkos, jerk baits and spinner baits.

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