Fishing Spot: South Watuppa Pond, Fall River, Massachusetts

Name of Water Body: South Watuppa Pond

Location: Fall River, MA

Pond Map

Boat Ramp

General Info:

From the City of Fall River Web Page For South Watuppa Pond:

The South Watuppa Pond is ranked the third-largest naturally occurring body of water in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is fed by Sawdy Pond from the south and Sucker Brook on its Western shore, which flows from Stafford Pond in the nearby town of Tiverton, Rhode Island. The ponds are drained by the Quequechan River, which flows in a westerly direction through the center of the City of Fall River, from South Watuppa Pond to Mount Hope Bay.

Historically, several textile factories were placed on the shores of the South Watuppa Pond, including the Fall River Bleachery and the Kerr Thread Mills. Currently, the Pond is surrounded by many private residences, and access to the public is limited. There is a public boat ramp located at Dave’s Beach, at the end of Jefferson Street, near the former Bleachery.

The pond is a popular site for bass tournaments and contains large populations of both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. A Special Use Permit is needed.

Pond Depth: 15 feet average. 22 feet maximum.

Primary gamefish: Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, tiger muskie


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