Fishing Report: Lake George, June 16, 2019

Date: June 16, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM

LocationFishing Spot: Lake George, NY

Weather: Overcast, light rain, slight breeze but not too bad

Air Temperature: Low 60’s in the morning to about 80 later in the day

Water Temperature: 56-58 degrees


The clouds thickened up over night and some light rain moved in on us. The rain was light and the wind had died down so we decided to head on out and do some fishing.

We ventured a bit further to the north on this Sunday morning. Our first stop was a place known as “Three Sirens” Island. We’d had good luck here on prior trips and expected to have some good luck this time as well. We caught some smallmouth bass up in this area but they were very scattered… as in we’d catch one here, then one more ten minutes later over on a different rock pile and then nothing. We’d move a bit and then we’d pick up another fish or two and then nothing…

Next, we decided to head back south towards the cottages as the rain wasn’t showing any signs of stopping (although it was still just light rain) and the fish weren’t biting all that much up at the Three Sirens.

Our next stop was a stretch of the lake called ‘The Narrows’. It’s a location full of many small islands and rock piles with both shallow and deep areas to fish. Here, too, we’d had great success and caught many fish. Today, however, the fish here in ‘The Narrows’ were acting the same way as their fishy friends up at the Three Sirens… we’d catch a smallmouth or two in one spot than nothing. We’d move to another spot and the same pattern would repeat itself.

On an odd note, I think I set a record for the most Rock Bass caught in a single trip… for whatever reason, they loved the lipless crank bait I was throwing. At one point, I think I caught a rock bass on six consecutive casts.

As it got to be around 1 PM, the weather wasn’t getting any better and neither was the fishing. We officially called “Miller Time” and headed back to the cottages. Also, due to the rain, I unfortunately didn’t take any fish pictures today… Oh well, I guess I will just leave you with a few shots of the cottage life..

View from the front of the cottage – it’s wet out there !

At least, there was some excellent food and beverages awaiting us…

Today’s fish catching baits were: White/blue lipless crank baits and jerk baits.

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