Fishing Spot: Ricker Pond, Groton, Vermont

Name of Water Body: Ricker Pond

Location: Groton, Vermont

Information Links:

General Info:

Ricker Pond State Park, established in the 1930’s, is located on the western shores of Ricker Pond and adjacent to the Montpelier-Wells Rail Trail (Cross Vermont Trail).

As early as 1704, Native Americans and the French were using routes through Groton to reach Canada and Massachusetts. Colonists settled this area of Vermont slightly earlier than the rest of the state through the accessible network of waterways.

The rocky, tree covered hillsides were originally cloaked with white pine, spruce, hemlock, beech, maple and birch. These were logged by local farmers for lumber, fuel and potash. The logging industry was large-scale for almost 100 years while the railroad was operating. Today, logging is still a vital industry in the area, but has lost some of its dominance in favor of modern society’s leisure time movement – private cottages/seasonal homes and a variety of outdoor recreation activities.

Groton State Forest, with over 26,000 acres, is the second largest landholding administered by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. It contains over 17 miles of hiking trails and over 20 miles of gravel roads and multi-use trails suitable for mountain biking and horseback riding.

Personal Thoughts/Info:

Ricker Pond is a fantastic place to go camping and do a bit of fishing too. The leantos are right on the water which allows you to park your kayak right at your camp site. No lugging your boat anywhere !

It’s also located in a very pretty part of Vermont. I typically camp here in October and that’s when all of the leaves are changing… brilliant colors abound !

The fishing can fast or slow, good or bad… every year seems to be different. Sometimes there are few fish to be had… sometimes there are lots ! Sometimes the smallmouths are biting… sometimes it’s the largemouths… heck you may even hook a pike or a pickerel or something else 🙂

Some pictures…

Sunny but cloudy ! Crazy Vermont weather !

Links to fishing trips here..

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