Fishing Report: Black Lake, Hammond, New York, June 23-29, 2018

Date: June 23-29, 2018

Time: Afternoon

LocationFishing Spot: Black Lake, NY

Weather: Variable…

Air Temperature: 70’s

Water Temperature: 72-74 ? Can’t be sure as I was on a friend’s boat and didn’t pay too much attention


I’ve been to Black Lake twice prior to this trip. It’s a fantastic fishery for Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass.

The weather wasn’t all that great during this trip. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great either. Cooler temps, some rain and windy conditions throughout the week. The water level was also very low and even dropped throughout the week. We could tell because by the end of the week we were stepping down into the bass boat from the dock whereas at the beginning of the week that wasn’t the case.

The fishing was either on or off… we’d motor up to a spot and start fishing. One of two things would happen… we’d start hitting Northern Pike almost immediately or we wouldn’t… it got the point where if we didn’t hook something with the first ten casts then the next thousand casts weren’t going to produce any fish either.

It was truly the week of a thousand casts/day. Even my back and shoulders were feeling it by the end of the week.

The bait of the week was a spinner bait. We could cover a lot of water and work them over, around and through the weedy sections of the lake where we tended to focus our efforts.

I lost a few nice Northern Pike in the weeds too… they’d hit my spinner bait and then run right down into the thick weeds… the bigger pike tended to run further and wrap a ton of weeds in my line… so much so that they were able to break off… ARGH !

I did land some nice pike though. My buddy took biggest fish of the week (twice !)… he landed an 8 1/2 pound Northern Pike and an hour later he hooked into 7 pounder !

Here’s a few fish photos…

We stayed at Fisherman’s Landing this trip. Nice folks and generally nice, clean cabins.

And, we eat well on these trips too 🙂

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